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One of North Americas first Production Trucks with Uplink Capabilities

Designed the layout and equipment list wile working for the original owner of this truck in 2000

This Production Truck is now Owned by a east coast regional cable network

The Side Profile this has 3 Compartments Eng-Audio-Production Looking at the Floor plan you can see the typical Crew Seating
This is a Shot of the Control room of the truck This is looking front from the GFX Bench

Soundcraft Series 5 Console 48-mono 12-Groups 8- Stereo's

Left side is Video Control and to the right room for 2-Tape Operators

Terminal & Satellite Racks On Left and Video & Tape on Right

Production Mid Bench for AD and Producer

My Contact Info,  Cell:: 424-216-2765  E-Mail:: tvman@mapinternet.com