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Custom Panels for Broadcast Remote Trucks

I have been making custom panels for remote production trucks.
My past clients are located in New York City, Philadelphia Pa, and Hollywood Ca

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Audio Panel Flight 9 Unit-3 Video Panel Flight-9 Unit-3

Audio Panel for Telenium Mobile Video Unit-2

Telenium Mobile Video Unit-3

The Panels in the top row
 are ones that were made
 to replace panels
with smaller capacity.

The Picture to the right
are the two panels installed

Hum Buckers Patch Panel


These Panels were designed for a Corporate location
In New Jersey

These Panels were made for a HD Truck in Hollywood Ca

This is the AutoCAD
for the Audio Panel
The Audio Panel
Installed in the Truck
This is the AutoCAD
 for the Video Panel
The Video Panel
Installed in the Truck