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Freelance Engineer

“Dwight is one of the fastest thinking EIC's I have worked with.
No matter the problem Dwight was always cool and calm. He was a great guy to work with.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Joe Gerardi
hired Dwight as a Broadcast Engineer in 2001, and hired Dwight more than once

Engineer for Network Relocation at Reelzchannel

“Dwight is a bright, intelligent, energetic, and enthusiastic person. He was a vital resource in moving ReelzChannel from Los Angeles to Albuquerque. As a member of a small and focused team, the broadcast infrastructure was moved and rebuilt within schedule and for substantially less cost than anyone had planned on. He has continued to be a key resource at ReelzChannel, working in the studio and throughout the facility on key initiatives. He is able to accomplish all of this as he is (1) organized, (2) incredibly detailed oriented, (3) willing to work until the job is done, regardless of the hours it takes, (4) willing to be wherever the work takes him, and (5) takes the time to plan and think through whatever actions are needed to complete the job. As a result of Dwight's fine work, I will continue to employ him on the many projects the ReelzChannel has planned for the future.

Roger Eman,
Senior VP, CTO,
ReelzChannel managed Dwight at ReelzChannel

Studio Engineer at Reelzchannel

“You won't find many engineers more committed or hard working than Dwight. The combination of experience and enthusiasm makes him a valuable member of any engineering team.

Chris Pulis, Vice President, Production Operations, ReelzChannel managed Dwight indirectly at ReelzChannel

“He has great attitude toward work, always plans ahead, and shows up early; he’s always willing to stay late or work on weekends whenever the requirement arose. Dwight’s knowledge, energy and diligence make him a great engineer for any production teams. I highly recommend him.

Alex Cheng, Director of Engineering, ReelzChannel managed Dwight at ReelzChannel

Mobile Unit Engineer Telenium Mobile Video

“I've had the pleasure to work with Dwight several times. His dedication to the job at hand is second to none. He works well under pressure (a definite attribute in the world of sports production) and knows how to get the job done. As an engineer, his knowledge base is unlimited and he can pretty much fix anything. Any piece of gear on his truck, Dwight knew it like he built it. I consider Dwight one of the best EIC's in the business.

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

Gary Shinn
hired Dwight as a Engineer in Charge in 1997 , and hired Dwight more than once

“Dwight was a MacGyver type Technician at TV engineering over many years working with him. C Lincoln Flying Fish Productions” May 11, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Chris Lincoln
hired Dwight as a Business Consultant in 2000

Production Engineer Flight 9 Satellite Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Dwight at Flight 9 Satellite in New York. He is one of the hardest working engineers that I have come across in my many years in the business. Dwight is someone that will get the job done and is truly a very knowledgable professional.

John Curtis, Assiciate Director of Engineering Television Broadcast, ESPN
worked directly with Dwight at Flight 9 Satellite Services

Dwight has a passion for the broadcast industry that is rarely seen.
Over all a good guy and very dedicated to his craft.

Jill Holloway, Owner, Flight 9
managed Dwight indirectly at Flight 9 Satellite Services