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My main background is as a production engineer working on remote trucks and in production studios and I am currently providing Systems Design and Extra engineering support for projects large or small.

I have provided engineering service everything from the designing of a small ENG van to moving a Cable Television Network from one location to a new location this was done under budget and in less than 45 days. The key to this was the flexibility and time to make all the pre plans necessary.

I have designed for a client in Southern California not only there broadcast system drawings but the layout of there entire production facility laying out all the Rooms and work spaces and working with there contractors the placement of the HVAC ducts and the regulated and non regulated power outlets for the facility

I have designed Production Facilities from New York to Los Angeles and Overseas clients

The programs that I work with include

WireCad, AutoCAD, Visio, Microsoft Office as well as many vendor-based broadcast applications

For Systems Design the Main reason I work with WireCad is that this program not only make the drawings but is will also provide the run-list and list of cable needed and supplies and connectors needed and this simplifies the process.