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The ReelzChannel Moving from Los Angeles to Albuquerque.

On January 7, 2009, ReelzChannel announced plans to relocate to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After the move, the programming, production, web development, creative services, and marketing divisions will all be housed and operated out of one location for the first time.  A Los Angeles bureau will be retained for coverage of entertainment and movie stories and events.

Planning for the move of technical facilities started soon after the announcement was made. Working with the director of engineering, I was asked to plan what it would take to dismantle the studio and central equipment room systems, and how we would re-use the systems in the new location and configurations. One of the biggest changes would be using one central equipment room instead of 2 equipment rooms. At the Los Angeles facility, one equipment room was used for the studio and another for operations, They were interconnected via fiber cables and separated by 9 floors.

All Production and Operations rooms on one floor

On March 3, 2009, the studio control and equipment rooms were dismantled.  On March 6, 2009, the edit rooms and operational control rooms, and then the main equipment room and systems were removed. All equipment was packed and loaded onto moving trucks for its trip to Albuquerque. 

One of the things done to speed up the project before the move, was the pre-building of cables in LA, while the plant was still in use. Cables were saved whenever possible for re-use within racks and systems at the new facility. This minimized the amount of cables that needed to be built in Albuquerque.

New Cable Harnesses for
the EQ-Room to Edit Rooms

Some of the Main Equipment Room
Cable Harnesses for Re-Use

The new cables were used at the Albuquerque facility between the equipment room, edit rooms, operational control room, studio control rooms and studio interconnect rack.
    The reconstruction began on March 16 and lasted until April 17 when the plant was recomissioned and was at full operational state. The complete facility was moved and set back up in 45 days, ahead of the schedule, and for less cost than anyone had planned. A key to this was the team of engineers in LA and NM that worked on this project and the engineers that came to help from our sister company F&F Productions in Florida. (see list below)

The Engineering Teams

Los Angeles Albuquerque, NM
Larry Fisher (DOE) Larry Fisher (DOE)
Dwight Sturtevant (EIC) Dwight Sturtevant (EIC)
Arlo Gilbuena (E) Arlo Gilbuena (E)
Eric Ellinson (E) Eric Ellinson (E)
Blair Lamb (E) Brad Davis (E)
Glen Rewal (E) Bob Troy (E)
Ray Panahon (IT) John Hensch (E)
Roger Eman Glen Rewal (E)
Jerome Liscano (IT) Matt Geller (E) (IT)
Chad Carter (IT) Roger Eman
  Jerome Liscano (IT)
  Chad Carter (IT)
  Mark Gardner

Below Are Some Pictures of the Plant During and After the Setup at it's new Home

Audio Control Room
Before Equipment and Cable
Cables for Control Room and
Studio Rack Running threw Audio
Audio Patch and Support Rack Audio Room Setup & Ready for Use
Cables for Production
Control Room
Cables for the Studio
Interconnect Rack

Production Benches ready for Installation in Control Room

Production Control Room Back Bench Production Main Control Bench

Main Terminal Rack Patching and Router Frame Final Cut Machine
 Break Outs

Brad        Larry       Arlo       Eric        Dwight       BOB
Installation Crew in New Mexico

Operations Control Room
Under Construction
Operations Control Room
Ready for Use
Main Equipment Room
Terminal Racks
Back of Main Equipment
Room Racks
Power To Racks from Buss Way Power To Racks from Buss Way
Power Via L6 Outlets to Supply Server Equipment
Satellite Dishes for Network Receive and Programs feeds
"The Secret's Out" Set with New Lighting
The Set for "The Big Tease"
Audio Gear in Studio Rack
Floor Router
(w) Monitors
Studio Rack
Camera and Monitor Hookups